Can I customize my topic channel?

Topic channels are auto-generated upon distributing your release or track to YouTube Music.

Unfortunately, there is no way of gaining access to or editing your topic channel. However, you can request to merge your topic channel with your O&O (owned & operated) channel to create an Official Artist Channel (OAC). This means that you will be able to customize your channel and make edits as you wish.

You can easily request an OAC via Boomkit, providing that you meet certain requirements.

To get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube, there are a few requirements that you’ll need to meet for us to request this for your with YouTube.

You’ll need the following before requesting an Official Artist Channel:

  • An owned & operated (O&O) YouTube channel containing content only from the artist you’re requesting an Official Artist channel for – this may be your personal YouTube channel
  • An automatically generated Topic Channel for your artist
  • At least 1 official music video/arts track on your channels
  • An owned & operated YouTube channel that has the same artist name as your topic channel name