Everything you need to know about UPC barcodes

A UPC barcode is a unique 12-digit serial number that identifies your specific product among all the other products on the marketplace. All releases require a UPC barcode.

In this article, we will cover:
-Why you need a UPC
-If you can use your own
-Your system won’t take my barcode! What’s up with that?
-Do I have one, and how can I tell?
-Getting a UPC barcode from Boomkit


 Why do I need a UPC?

You need a UPC if you want to:

  • Participate in our digital distribution program
  • Participate in our in-store distribution program
  • Have Boomkit report your sales to Luminate.
  • Participate in social video monetization.
    This is because all of these organizations track, and report sales based on the UPC barcode.

    Can I use my own UPC?
    If you already have a UPC code for your release, you will have the chance to enter that into our system during the sign-up process

    Your system won’t take my barcode! What’s up with that?

    If you receive an error message while entering your barcode, here are some things to check.

    1. Make sure you’re entering exactly 12 or 13 numbers.
    2. Your barcode may already be in our system. Make sure you have not used this on a previous release.

      Do I have my own UPC barcode? How would I know?

      If you’ve already had a release under Boomkit or any distributing company, chances are you also bought a UPC barcode from that distributing company. You should be using that UPC barcode when you sign up that release with Boomkit.

      Can I get a UPC from Boomkit?

      If you don’t already have a UPC barcode you will be given the option to have one assigned to you while uploading your release FREE of charge.