Links to releases in stores

Once your release goes live, we will email you a confirmation together with a smart link[boomlink] to your music in all major stores and streaming services.

Link to all stores with a smart link [boomlink]

We provide you with one smart link [boomlink] to multiple stores, making it easier to share a single link rather than pasting all of them into your socials.

The confirmation email you receive from us when your release goes live includes your personalized smart link[boomlink]. You can also simply search for your music directly in your boomkit app to find it.

If there are stores missing in that link which you want to add, we recommend using Odesli instead. Whatever streaming service your fans prefer, they will get a direct link to your music.

If there’s a store you can’t find through Odesli, just go to the different music stores, search for your release and get the direct link.